It is electrifying to share the joys and the fulfillment that has emerged since the introduction of the Magnetic Grill Badges and Dome Badges to top line clubs.

We have sold over 10,000 badge holders and badges worldwide since the inception of our business in 2010. Many clubs have adopted our products and the rave reviews have been endless. We have a new enriched format that gives a fresh and unique outlook to your brand.

We have decided to build on a platform that would reinvigorate the social connections in your club in a very dynamic way. The good news is that once we come on-board, it is easy for you to stand tall in your niche. This is the WOW moment that brings unending possibilities to your club.

Here are some of the things that make us tick:
  • Lots of appearance in the automotive industry and its media including SEMA in Las Vegas 2012 and 2013
  • Five star ratings and feedbacks from the customers and wholesalers
  • Sponsored over 100+ clubs and events
  • Clubs picked us a number one company for automotive badges and accessories
  • We can create a custom badge for your clubs with your club logo or any other artwork for the occasion
  • Great way to promote your club and so much more!
We also offer following benefits to your club members:
  • 10% Off discount site-wide
  • Sponsorship and raffle prizes for the events
  • Custom club products including Club badges, stickers, t-shirts, door lights and more!
This is one golden moment that can rewrite the history of your club for good!
Quickly contact us by submitting your form below with your details and open your club members an expeirence to a fresh horizon!
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