Starting in 2010, we are on a mission to build a brand focused on visual expression. Our passion is design! You will recognize it in all we do from our products, packaging experience and communication materials. We believe if we deliver well designed, quality built products along with great customer service we will build a great brand.

Our values

Work Hard we always say "head down".  Meaning, it's time to put aside all distractions and get some work done (often times this happens in the early hours of the morning as running the business often takes up much of our day).

Have Fun - we love what we do and have fun inventing new ideas, helping our customers and  enjoying each others company and diverse ideas in the office.  Pandora is our friend in the office as music and laughter make what we do even more enjoyable.

Great Design - this is the heart of where we live and breath.  We love to innovate; from ground up new to the world thinking to better instruction or tiny details that make our products easier to use and understand.  We always strive to deliver innovative simple solutions for everyone to enjoy.

Give Back - we believe our success will be a community effort and have always tried to give back to our local and global community.  We sponsor numerous charitable events and often create badges for causes such as our "pray for japan" badge campaign.

Grow! - we believe we can do more good in the world only if we grow.  We do not wish to be a boutique company but rather a global brand so we can contribute more innovation and joy to the world.  We believe there are no boundaries to where we can take our brand and as always look for your feedback.



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